Monthly Archives: June 2010

‘Little bird’

Little bird was sitting on the branch

Forgotten and upset

It was looking at the world

Or what from the world was left

It shed one tear

It bent over its broken wing

And in weakening voice

It sung its last song

About love that was betrayed

About the Earth that was destroyed

About the human that killed its parents

And in darkness full of silence

And bitter loneliness

It slowly passed away

Its little heart broken of regret


Poem registered in poetry potluck!:)


‘The Apple’

It was the beginning

It will be the end

It’s all the worse

And all the best

The tasty cause of the first-born sin

Growing in paradise

A poison sent from hell

Simple and charmful

Who would resist its mysterious magic?

Innocent and guilty

Nobody blames the apple…

…It was the snake…

Was it?

‘A woman lying on the ground’

A woman lying on the ground

Her eyes closed

Her mind open

A dark, sticky substance beside her

Revealing her story

And too hiding it forever

Lying on the grass

Warm sunbeams on her face

Every memory

Every thought

Struggling to be freed

Will they ever be?

A woman lying on the ground

So naturally

So carelessly