Monthly Archives: July 2010

‘What is really real?’

How do you know the sky is blue?

How do you know he loves you too?

How do you know honey is sweet?

How do you know how long is this street?

How do you know what’s wrong or right?

How do you know you hear them fight?

How do you know your life is not an illusion?

How do you know what it means ‘confusion’?

How do you know you’re not a mere thought

Or a dream that may not mean a lot?

You may say you see it, you feel it, taste it or hear

But nobody knows what is really real


‘Reality and Love’

A moment of hesitation

A deep relation

Between two people on their own

Struggling to be together

Struggling to stay forever

This way

Little wings

Delicate strings

Sent from heaven above

Invisibly connecting

Watching and wanting

To conceal the painful truth

To control their actions

By little golden fractions

Spread around them

Their eyes closed for the evil

Love doesn’t care to reveal

The actual reality