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‘The unconscious mind’ – Part 3

Yuriy had an impression that he lost consciousness for a while. He didn’t know how long he was falling. He couldn’t see anything but he felt soft ground under his hands. Something strange was moving on his face. He reached to take it off and with a relief he recognized a small maggot. Yuriy forced himself to stand up. However, as soon as he did this his eyes met a view that made him fall unconscious once again.

‘The unconscious mind’ – Part 2

He heard the alarm as soon as the door was thrown open. A bald man in a white gown came in. He seemed very excited. However, what scared Yuriy was the insanity in his eyes and an odd smile on his face. The stranger gazed at him and shouted, ‘Run!’, just before disappearing in the crowd of the same white gowns. He walked out and noticed that all of the menĀ  had blotches on their wrists. He had one too. It was black while most of the men had red and yellow ones. He decided not to let it bother him at that particular moment. What he wanted to concentrate on was how to get out of the building. He didn’t really know why, but he had an overwhelming feeling that it was what he had to do. He saw a group of men wearing blue clothing hurrying in his direction. They didn’t seem to notice any other people but him. What’s more, each of them had a strange tool like a gun in their hands. One of them shouted, ‘Catch him!’. It was then when Yuriy noticed the hole wide enough for a man to get into under his bed. Without much thinking he slammed the door and jumped into it.