Monthly Archives: September 2011

‘A poem with a wink / Knowledge’

Book photographs

Books in secret nooks

I read what I need

My mind surely minds

What I take and what I make


This rhyme isn’t worth a dime

Money may make someone call you ‘honey’

But what seems worthless can as well be priceless

The choice is your voice


Knowledge can be your pledge

Feed your brain without pain

It pays dividends but not in cents

Just like experience, neither in pence


Live your life as you want to live

Give away what you want to give

Rules are for fools

Friendship is to worship


That’s what you can learn and shouldn’t burn

As simple as a pimple

If I made you think or smile and blink,

I will say this poem made my day … wink



‘I’ve had my lesson’

Faking it

I’ve been living for today

I’ve been living for tomorrow

You promised that if I make you stay

You won’t let me down in sorrow


I’ve been scheming all day long

I’ve even wished on a star

You’ve read all the signs wrong

And without a glance started the car


Now I’m living for today

I’m not living for tomorrow

With guys’ fake promises play

And cold hearts never borrow