Monthly Archives: August 2010


This mind is sick…

This mind is twisted…

It sees…


– A hand – bony

My own?


– Blood – tawny

Whose own?


– The vision – blurry

Means what?


– The thoughts – scary

So what?

The crime commited by each of us

Although in mind, once or twice

Could one day give birth to an actual act

Which will posion your mind and life

‘Sad ending for a cruel person’

Don’t you realize

There’ll be no tear shed

There’ll be no love

No empathy for you left?

Don’t you care?

You’re making it worse

You let anger overcome you

That’s what’s been leading you yet

Are you soulless

Giving pain

To everyone that around you stay?

There’ll be no mercy

Only cruelty left

And pity

But not for you for sure

They’ll forget you

They’ll let you pass away

Like a nightmare from one’s mind

You’ll be thrown away

‘LFF – Lost Friends Forever’

Standing next to me

A figure from the past

Once best friends

Our paths were set apart

Do we even miss it?

Do we want to come back

To the kindred soul who lost us,

To the one that turned her back?

Her face turning blurry in my own memory

It’s meant to fade away

Like dust on the streets

I’m happy without you

Could you be, then, true?