Monthly Archives: May 2012

‘The Edge’

Surrounded by the shadows of memories

And sick illusions of past joys

I lie tearless in the middle

Of the room which carried

My demons for years and more

In the stillness of surroundings

No distractions and no sounds

I lie without a single thought

Racing through my empty mind

I watch my worries circling around

Just watch them growing bigger and smaller

Although I don’t think nor consider

Anything, anything at all

My heart became heartless

The feelings – unwanted dust

Body like a prison

I let out a silent siren’s cry

Bent and straightened in convulsion

Not knowing repercussion

My soul fleeing

My head bleeding

Sweet still sour freedom awaiting

Now, ain’t that what I truly want?

‘Lonely Souls’


We are the lonely souls

Wandering through dirty roads of life

Unsure of our destinies, we walk unsteadily

Searching for arms that will hold us tight enough

Unable to call out

We shyly hide from each other

Stealing time to get closer

And then falling apart again and again

Too frightened to ask if it’s real

Or if it’s just another mistake

Watching past heartbreakes from a distance

We compare

Our minds start to consider

When they just shouldn’t care


We are the lonely souls

Searching for what we could never find

Slowly getting further and further

Our chances for survival weakening every second

Until they fade away and we realize

It’s me and you again

– Not us