Monthly Archives: February 2010

‘Be the warrior of life’

Life may sometimes be hard

The whole world could turn against you

But it fully depends on you

Whether you win or lose the battle

You’ve got to be strong

And strength is a question of mental self-confidence

So it too depends on you

Just remember that

All the problems are to overcome

And all the challenges are to meet

Nothing will stop you

Nothing will break you

If you believe in yourself

If you trust yourself

On your own you can handle your life

You can handle the world

You can even touch the sky

Even if you are left with nobody beside you

You’ll always have yourself

The best friend of a warrior

Is his own self

Be the warrior of life

Stay strong when others give up



And believe in a victory

You’ll win

And you know it

‘Run, go and die’

We’re wandering here and there

Like the lost ghosts waiting for a praire.

We’re watching, thinking,

Having fun and drinking,

We love and we hate,

We’re on time or we’re late

But no matter what we do, we run, run, run…

We’re seeking the truth though we know

We’ll never get it, not at all.

We’re looking for an aim,

Anything to live for; we sometimes claim

That we’re normal, sometimes that we’re outstanding

And this list is never ending

We’ve got to go, go, go…

Can’t wait,

Can’t stop

Till the day the time runs up

 Though we don’t know what the point is of living the life

If we’re actually born to finally die, die, die…

‘The God of Money’

Diamond rings,

Expensive pearls,

Necklaces, cars and houses with pools.

All you need is money.

Your eyes grow bigger of greed,

Your hands grow longer of desire.

The real love as you call it

Is measued by the number of roses you get.

The feelings are nothing without wealth.

You’ve got no more discernment,

No more kindness nor faith.

The God of Money is the only one you know,

But is it really you to blame for this state?

Are there any mistakes you have made

To deserve being damned?

– Well… the answer’s yes.

‘The place for goodies’

Somewhere between time and space

There lies a mysterious, silent place

A solitary nook

Just for people who can look

And notice the beauty

They are thought to be strange and moody

But they’re the ones who can see

That the world has lost its glee

It’s empty, lonely, though overpopulated

All the people are together, but also fenced off, isolated

We start to doubt that kindred spirits really exist

Maybe they are hidden somewhere in the mist

All the crime, false, the evil make the world moulder

And the people get lost in their own questions, wonders

Are we strong enough to survive

If we don’t have anybody to do it for? The knife

Lies on a cloud beside the door to an answer

Where all the goodies still left are gathered and don’t let the last chance cancel

‘True Friends’

Through the sunny nights and dark days

I’m covered with thoughts and silent praires

Others think I’m solitary and sad

No one knows the truth that’s never to be said

They guess I’m lovelorn, friendless, upset

But why can’t they, why can’t they just let

Me live how I want in my own world

Which is a lovely place, not cold

As the outside is because all of the strangers

Surrounding us like evil angels

The world loses its beauty without people you could love

Nothing else can make you happy, even from heaven above

Even words seem empty or full of pain and sorrow

You’re left with hope for no tomorrow

But there’s always a parallel world where you can find

People – real friends who actually care and are so kind

For you as a special person for them you are

Good friends are a gift, great treasure they are

But be careful not to lose them, it’s so easy to do

It’s the easiest thing to deceive people who are true

‘Music in my soul’

I’m here

Then I’m not

I want

 Then I don’t

I’m overjoyed

Then I’m depressed

Sometimes I feel

I’m such a mess

Sometimes I think

There’s nothing I can get

But then I hear

The music in my soul

And then I know

It’s time to roll

‘The purpose of our existance’

Can’t find my way

In the labirynth of life

It’s so hard to stay

And to go and to run away

Even those who seem content

Deep in mind fall apart

Tired of trying

Of working and following unknown

Following too the schedules

And boring same schemes

What are we living for?

To die and be forgotten?

To close our eyes once and forever?

We are the victims of ourselves

Straying into questions

That are never to be answered

‘Caged bird’

Love is gone

Dreams are gone

I’m stuck in reality

It scares me

I don’t want it

I hate it

But who is gonna save me?

I can’t cope with life

Can’t live in a routine

Like a caged bird

I’m caught

What is there left for me?

Just a song

‘A tale about the knight’

This is a tale about the knight

Who was brave and loved his bride.

She was beautiful and devoted her heart

To this unlucky fellow who loved more to fight.

So one day or maybe night

The moon told him he had the right

Only to choose one way – to war or to bride.

That’s so hard, too hard so it might

Be for him and he lost his light.

The darkness fell, he tried to find

The best solution for his problem, but there was no wrong nor right

So he thought and thought, even looked through a guide

To life he accidently found.

When he finally decided he realised

It was too late for it as he died.


I’m running

Running straight ahead

Different images passing

Millions of faces in one

Thousands of memories in one

Where am I heading?

Will this road ever end?

Don’t know

Nothing is clear

Not any more

I want to stop

But I can’t

So breath after breath

Step after step

I keep on running