Monthly Archives: August 2013

‘Ticking Him Away’


I die


I try


I wonder why


I smile


I cry


I find out why


He said goodbye


Oh my


Let the rain cry


Let the sun smile


Let him try


Let the blue rose die

Wall clock

‘At the River Bank’

A delicate figure

Lying with her eyes open

Eyes once full of light

Now full of watery images


On the bank of a river

Hidden behind the ever-growing bushes

She lies lost in half sleep

A mysterious man kneeling by her side


A secret is hidden forever

In her mouth that will never matter a word again

In his fist that cries with remorse

And in the wind’s silent blow

That will carry their thoughts away

‘If you ask me’

If you ask me,

I won’t try

To please you with my answer,

Nor to force mine.

I won’t answer,

I won’t cry,

I’ll just stare straight ahead

For what was inside me

Has long ago died.


Still I can’t help but feel that

Your eyes stare blankly

Although you are spelling  out words.

These words are like paper,

Crushed and thrown into space,

Once empty, now filled with meaningless crap.


If you ask me,

I won’t tell you

My opinion, although you might assume I don’t have one.

I’ll just keep my words inside

Where they won’t rotten as they would

Outside between pointless lies.

Empty stare

‘The New Beginning’

Setting free imagination

Letting go

Of the tainted thoughts

Of worn out feelings

I am home

I am home again

Faces smile through the fog of emptiness

I am

I am again

Looking for more pain

To drown in for the future